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iOS 8 vs. Android Lollipop: Same features, yet more distinct than ever

just a test post for the feature section iOS 8 vs. Android Lollipop: Same features, yet more distinct than ever

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Yet Another Test Post with Img and Video

Posted By: Sylvia G - 12/16/2012
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Test Post With Video

Posted By: Sylvia G - 12/08/2012
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Hot New Commercial For Trident Insurance Featuring The Trident Girls

Posted By: Sylvia G - 10/07/2008
Hot new sexy commercial for Trident Insurance. The Trident Girls on display in the Insurance company's advertising, Trident Insurance from the UK is using sexuality to promote what has been traditionally a very boring industry. I have to admit this works, sexy girls selling a boring product.

I wonder just how popular the Trident Girls will get if this commercial goes viral?

Pantene "Look At My Hair" Print Advertising 2008

Posted By: Sylvia G - 10/02/2008
Pantene Pro V Print Adverts go and get all sexy on us. "Look At My Hair" is the tag might somewhat dificult to that with those things starring us down.
Pantene breast print adsWhat is Pantene doing in these print adverts, I was pretty shocked to see Pantene taking this approach to promoting their hair products. I'm sure men all over the world will be buying Pantene for their wives and girlfriends.

Pantene "Look At My Hair"Sexy Advertising PanteneClick on the image to get the full effect of the new Pantene advertising campaign.

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho
Art Director: Guy Costa
Copywriter: Silvio Matos
Photographer: Marlos Bakker
Published: April 2008

Gossip Girl Hot Promo Adverts

Posted By: Sylvia G - 8/28/2008
gossip girl promo advertsGossip Girl Promo adverts, whether you are a fan of Gossip Girl, or even know what it is, you have to admit these are sexy promo ads for the Gossip Girl Season 2. Someone watch the show and let me know what all the hype is about.
I love the quotes on each ad, "Mind Blowing, Inappropriate", The second Gossip ad reads "A Nasty Piece of Work" and the last two are "Very Bad For You" and "Every Parents Nightmare". Oh don't forget it's on Monday nights at 8pm
gossip girl season 2 imagesThe credits for the Gossip Girl promotional pint ads are:
Advertising Agency:
WONGDOODY, Los Angeles, USA - Creative Directors: Tracy Wong, Michael Boychuk - Art Directors: Ben Schneider, Aria Shen - Copywriter: Julia Regan - Account Management: Skyler Mattson, Andrew Vranicar - Published: August 2008.

A Nice Back Side Can Sell Anything I Guess

Posted By: Sylvia G - 8/24/2008
creative ad sexy print ad of woman n poolHave to give those guys credit over at Ogilvy & Mather for this creative and sexy(in a weird kinda way) print ad. Advertising a digestive product is no easy task, but it is amazing how simply adding a sexy woman, a bikini and you can make anything work. The bubbles are perfect, and she looks good doing it.

Campaign Objective: To promote Sargam-Digestives, which is a premium brand of digestives.Credits: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, Creative Directors: Abhijit Avasthi, Suresh Babu, Shekhar Jha, Art Director: Fiona D'souza. Copywriter: Fiona D'souza

WonderBra Boobs Ambient Advertising Broken Glass

Posted By: Sylvia G - 8/11/2008
When you think of WonderBra you don't think sexy, this sexy billboard for WonderBra is from Germany and it is a real eye catcher.Advertising Agency: Publicis Frankfurt, Germany Executive Creative Director: Stephan Ganser Creative Directors: Nico Jünger, Stefan Leick Art Director: Hendrik Frey Photographers: Johannes Krzeslack, Marischa Altenheim Account Supervisor: Christina Freitag

Awesome Print Ads - New York Fries from Toronto

Posted By: Sylvia G - 8/09/2008
What a brilliant slogan for this print ad for Ney York Fries. created by the Zig Advertising Agency in Toronto, Canada. The simplistic ideas always seem to be the more powerful in advertising. Sure, this is an ad with an obvious shock value to it when you see the woman at first (note the rather large breast augmentation she had done), but when you read the slogan for this creative you can't help but smile "Real Fries In A Fake World". Brilliant advertising.
Be sure to click the image to inlarge it and get a better feel for the impact of the staement. I may be inpartial to Zig Toronto because I am from Toronto, still a great piece of design and idea in this ad.

Released: July 2008
Brand name: FRIES
Agency: ZIG
Country: Canada
Category: Confectionery & snacks
Advertising Agency: Zig, Toronto, Canada

Olympic Advertising - Sex Still Sells

Posted By: Sylvia G - 8/09/2008
What would Bikini Lines be without featuring an Olympic themed advertising spot. There are thousands of advertising campaigns being run for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I decided to share just this one of Amanda Beard, member of the U.S.A Olympic Swim Team. this was the cover of the popular FHM magazine and we must say: Amanda looks fantastic on the cover.

To see more Olympic advertising campigns visit Great Ads
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